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All our products come with security, compliance, and observability built-in.

Front-End Accelerator

  • Up to 80% of the app prebuilt.
  • All you need to do is add your custom UI/UX designs and roll out your features.
  • Deployment to all environments will happen automatically using CI/CD pipelines that are also pre-built by us.
  • For more details please read our article.

Back-End Accelerator

  • Auto code generation up to 80%.
  • With secure and vetted application libraries.
  • Security and vulnerability scanned.
  • Production ready APIs.
  • For more details please read our article.

Infrastructure Accelerator

  • 100% fully deployed and working from day one.
  • Supports AWS, GCP and Azure.
  • One-click deployment and provisioning of secure and compliant cloud landing zones.
  • For more details please read our article.

DevOps Ecosystem Accelerator

  • Expertly selected tools and capabilities that work seemlesly together.
  • Full suite of pre-agreed transferable integrated software solutions.
  • Compliant with GitOps methodologies.
  • Codified, versionable, auditable.
  • For more details please read our article.

Organisational Design

  • Battle-tested and modern organisational structure.
  • Based on years of industry best practices and learnings.
  • Perfectly balanced, cross-functional and component squad designs, with a focus on quality based delivery.
  • For more details please read our article.

Software Branching Strategy

  • Removing the complexity and inefficiency with a battle-tested branching strategy.
  • Optimised and efficient.
  • Empowering the organisation to be ready for production.
  • Ready for organisational growth allowing multiple squads to collaborate simultaneously.
  • For more details please read our article.

QA Accelerator

  • AI-powered, full-stack automated test frameworks, instantly deployable and ready to go.
  • CI/CD pipelines with built-in quality gates for lightning-fast, secure deployments.
  • Comprehensive automated tests for backend, frontend, security, and performance.
  • Quality standards seamlessly integrated into our engineering practices and culture.
  • For more details please read our article.

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