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Ali Aktar

CEO & CTO (Chief Executive & Technology Officer)

Ali’s background is in cutting edge technologies with over 26 years of IT experience from development, engineering and architecture, cloud, agile and DevOps. Ali is a seasoned IT professional with a passion for all things Tech. With a solid background in starting software engineering and platform engineering teams from scratch. Performing multiple Head of Engineering and CTO roles in both private and public sector across the globe. He has worked in a variety of highly regulated industries from telecoms, ISP’s, Oil & Gas, satellite, military and defence, start-ups, Banking and National Health Services. He considers himself an Agile, Software, Cloud and DevOps evangelist promoting innovative ideas and fresh thinking around technology and ways of work. A great believer in the Open Source community and collaborative work, he has contributed to many Open Source projects over his extensive career in technology.

Tahir Haque

COO (Chief Operating Officer)

Tahir brings over 15 years of experience as a project and programme management specialist. He has worked in senior roles as project and programme Director in the Government of the United Kingdom across multiple departments including the Ministry of Justice, His Majesty’s Revenues and Customs and Cabinet and the Prime Minister’s Office. Tahir has led large multifunctional and operational teams and multi-billion-pound programmes. He brings years of expertise in strategy development and planning, transformation, organisational design, commercial delivery, governance, assurance, risk management, and stakeholder engagement which includes advising corporate Directors and Ministers of State.

Tahir holds a degree and master’s from University College London (UCL), a certified project and programme specialist and change management practitioner, and has a Level 5 (CIPD) Diploma in HR Management.

Paul Wagenaar

CISO (Chief Information and Security Officer)

As a seasoned cybersecurity professional with over two decades of experience, Paul brings extensive expertise to his role as Chief Security Officer at C-9INE. With a distinguished career spanning continents and number of different industries, Paul has honed his skills in developing robust security strategies, deploying bleeding edge tools and managing complex projects start to finish, and fostering collaborative relationships within dynamic organizations. Paul has worked extensively in Australia, the United Kingdom, South Africa, and the United Arab Emirates. Paul's background includes leadership positions at global banks, major corporations and emerging startups alike. These experiences have equipped him with a unique blend of technical proficiency and practical know-how, enabling him to drive and execute security innovation and disruption in product development.

C-9INE also includes our top talent team of experts specially chosen and hand-picked for their breadth and depth of skills, knowledge and experience having worked across multiple industry sectors and big brand names.

Our senior team includes:

  • Head of Infrastructure and Cloud
  • Head of iOS Development and Architecture
  • Head of Android Development and Architecture
  • Head of Web Development
  • Head of Java Backend Development
  • Head of Quality Assurance