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Clients & Success Stories

Our global expert team members have worked on very challenging and successful projects, below are a few worthy mentions.

1st Digital Bank in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

  • We built the software engineering team that launched the first Challenger Bank in Saudi Arabia and recruited a global team of 118 across diverse product areas.
  • Implemented agile development practices and designed the bank's tech stack for mobile, web, and backend systems.

2nd Digital Bank in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

  • We rescued a fledgling digital bank and put together world-class engineering and IT function to support business goals and deliver a high-quality banking application.
  • Implemented Spotify's agile model for product-focused delivery and established best practices across the technology organization.

Digital Transformation in Satellite Telecoms in London

  • A Major cloud migration project, transforming infrastructure, DevOps practices, and security frameworks.
  • Decommissioning of 5 Large legacy Data Centres.
  • Technical as well as cultural transformation of a very important worldwide organisation providing global marine satellite coverage.

The Biggest Digital Wallet Company in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

  • We engineered a robust back-office web portal, empowering the company to efficiently manage web and mobile applications, from customer operations to dynamic marketing campaign creation, with seamless integration and user-friendly functionalities.
  • We also built the merchant web portal that enabled merchants all around Saudi Arabia to effortlessly manage their stores, branches, and payments, fostering streamlined operations and enhanced customer interactions.

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